MICAM Milan | 13-15 march 2022

Giovanni Fabiani, an iconic brand of Made in Italy luxury style, returns to the new edition of MICAM, the international fashion trade show to be held in Milan from 13 to 15 March 2022, with the co-financing of the Marche Region and the Marche Chamber of Commerce.​

Professional international dealers will be waiting for the new collection. GIOVANNI FABIANI, among the most important brands; appreciated and sought after of Made in Italy, the new FW22 fall-winter collection of shoes and bags for a woman attentive to luxury style .

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The new spring-summer season revives the canons of femininity. A true ode to perfect beauty, harmony and grace, as on the canvases of the brilliant Botticelli, where the spotlight is she, a source of inspiration, life and joy, the power of attraction.As the first flowers appear in the snow during the spring, Giovanni Fabiani sets the tone of the coming spring - a return to real, warm sophistication and emphasized femininity. In the new spring-summer season, Giovanni Fabiani's muse is a woman who is not looking for screaming fancy, but boldly demonstrates her own taste, creates her own style. Giovanni Fabiani's shoes are always the perfect finishing touch to a woman: they do not overshadow, but complement her beauty, focusing on naturalness and originality. Giovanni Fabiani skillfully balances between fashion and classics, while the touch of modernity never drowns out the "voice" of elegance. Seasonal updates of the collection from year to year are improving,and as a consequence,proving that the "face" and the "genetic code" of the brand is distinguished by refinement of lines, moderation, elegant beauty and timeless relevance. Giovanni Fabiani is never "too much", but always "not enough". It is impossible not to notice the splendor of the color palette: delightful, "Juicy", seductive shades of red; incredibly gentle, delicate powdery nude; rich, deep blue; luxurious, magical black. The variety of forms amazes the imagination. Clear, geometric, almost futuristic heels are combined with relevant nowadays square toes. The smoothed, refined lines of the famous Fabiani pumps coexist in harmony with the cheerful vanity of sport models. The dazzling shine of inlays on the massive heels compensates for the elegant charm of the top. The recipe for creating a masterpiece from Giovanni Fabiani has not been changed for half a century: the traditions of Italian masters, the original quality of the raw materials and, of course, a generous pinch of creator's love. That's why every woman who prefers Giovanni Fabiani is special... Gorgeous. Fabulous. Charming. Flirtatious. Fatal. Unforgettable. Unique... It's about you.