With his way of looking at you between sly and ironic, Giovanni Fabiani meets the challenges of the fearless world, taking the brand that bears his name on international markets and making it the banner of Made in Italy, creativity and femininity. For AF MAG tells the mood of the new collection, but also the positioning strategies of the brand in the various markets and the way of communicating it, entrusted to an exceptional testimonial, Miss Italia 2018.

Giovanni Fabiani's new FW19-20 collection is inspired by the slogan "Feeling the Movement": does it want to tell us about the inspiration and the themes that characterize it?
The collection is inspired by a woman who is increasingly on the move with needs that change at a rapid pace, which requires a great sense of practicality without giving up femininity and elegance: urban sportswear, street philosophy, active day time with mountain contaminations moods are the worlds developed according to these concepts

The "sports" part of the collection grows: what percentage of the business turnover conveys compared to the main collection? Do you have any special projects in this field
Percentage for the sportsman we speak of 50% of the collection, of course in the winter season, in the summer things change. As for special projects, we are naturally 50% of the collection in the winter season, in the summer things change. Yes, they have already started with a special development of the sportsman with the Sara Kent brand.

The new press campaign links the image of Giovanni Fabiani to that of Miss Italia 2018: why did you choose Carlotta Maggiorana to represent your values?
Carlotta Maggiorana as well as being the new Miss Italia is a woman from the Marche region, she has an energy, femininity and elegance that perfectly interpret the DNA of Giovanni Fabiani: made in Italy, Marche, femininity ... an astral conjunction not to be missed!

Precisely Made in Italy: what added value does it give to your collections?
We cannot talk about added value, there are many values conveyed by the made in Italy; style, quality, traceability, craftsmanship, materials, research ... and they are all found in the collections of our brand.

Italy: did you announce a reinvestment in the domestic market, what results did this strategy bring?
We are continuing to follow our project with a multi-brand showroom in Milan, today we know that the times for the results are dilated, we wait and we continue to work with enthusiasm.

Foreign markets: what are the areas of the world where the brand is present? Which are the best performing?
Russia and Asia are the two best performing markets. In particular in Russia our brand is very strong and enjoys great attention and recognition. And even if the market and tastes evolve, we are keeping up with this process.

Markets of the future: which destinations do you want to bet on and why?
The next market on which we will aim will be Japan, due to the Economic Partnership agreement between the EU and Japan. With the gradual elimination of customs duties it will certainly be a very interesting and suitable market for our product.

Positioning of Giovanni Fabiani products: in which sales channels are you present? What is your distribution strategy for the near future? Do you have any openings planned?
Our product is positioned in a medium-high segment near the most popular brands in multi-brand stores. at the moment there are no plans to open single-brand stores.

You have opened your e-commerce site for about two years: what are its markets? And how is it developing?
We've been working hard for a couple of seasons. Let us now begin to see the first signs of gratification. America and Europe are the most active markets.

Fair events are the showcases where the Giovanni Fabiani brand makes its name in the world. Which are you participating in and why did you make this choice?
avete fatto questa scelta?
Fairs are still a very important moment for us, both for the relationship with existing customers and for meeting new realities, they are always a useful comparison.
The fairs in which we participate are MICAM, the various SHOES FROM ITALY in the world and CHIC of SHANGAHI, but we also meet our customers in the Milan Showroom.