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W22459 Giovanni Fabiani Komoda, materials mix Sneaker , the insole has soft inserts of different densities in each support point, sustain the foot, the arch support supports the foot.

You are important for us. The shoes you wear speak about you.

• Upper: materials mix

• Lining: leather

• Sole: ultralight rubber

• Accessories: laces

•Heel: 20mm

• Made in Italy

All smooth or garnet leathers should be cleaned with a dry, clean, soft cloth to remove dust and excess dirt. Use a soft bristle brush to gently clean the leather and maintain the uplifting effect of the suede material. If necessary, use a colourless water repellent spray specifically for footwear to protect the leather from moisture, always applying it to dry footwear. Suede leather is very absorbent and could easily stain, so any contact with materials that may release colour should be avoided. Painted leathers are very sensitive to colour migration, so it is advisable to avoid contact with other materials carefully. The metallic finish in laminated leathers is extremely delicate and easily subject to abrasion, and once deteriorated it cannot be restored. This is not considered a defect but a specific characteristic of the material.

For all types of leather, it is possible to revive the colour by applying a small amount of neutral shoe cream based on greasy waxes and polishing with a soft cloth. Avoid direct contact with substances containing alcohol (perfumes, solvents), oily (make up) and abrasive substances. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources. Do not expose to humidity in case of direct contact with water, leave to dry thoroughly in a cool and well ventilated place.

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